BumpYard: Omnichannel Customer Communication

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80% of interpersonal communication is carried out on digital channels today. However, 70% of the communication between organizations and their customers is still carried out on the phone. An omnichannel system lets your organization close the communication gap.

BumpYard, as sister company of Ewave, has developed an innovative omnichannel communication center that empowers customer experience and leads digital service, support and sales teams to success.

BumpYard's platform consists of an AI-powered "smart inbox" for cross-channel customer engagement plus a set of proprietary applications that enable organizations to serve their customers whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.

With BumpYard, organizations can easily launch new communication channels and deliver a unified customer experience, regardless of whether it is through email, bots, chat, SMS, MMS, video, voice, or social media pages.

BumpYard allows agents to effectively personalize interaction with customers through any service channel from a single place, enabling them to handle 3 times as many inquiries.


For more information about BumpYard's omnichannel customer communication platform, please contacts us.