Customer Story: Electra Group

Ewave, an e-commerce pioneer in Israel, implements am advanced e-commerce platform for unified management of Electra Group’s digital sphere


The Challenge

Founded in 1945, Electra is the largest electro-mechanics and construction group in Israel. It employs over 4,200 people in a range of commercial and real estate subsidiaries, operations and projects.

As a major commercial player, Electra sought to extend its sales and service capabilities also to internet and mobile for the retailer chains it controls, including Machsanei Hashmal (Electrical Warehouses), ACE, Auto Depot and Shekem Electric.

Ewave was commissioned to develop a single environment for managing all the e-commerce websites and marketing apps of the respective retail chains. Specific objectives of the various projects included:

  • Boosting the group’s online sales.
  • Creating a purchase process that combines Upsell and Cross-Sell.
  • Design a digital user experience that fosters loyalty and long-term commitment on behalf of the customers.
  • Ensuring a smooth purchase process with readily-available, high quality information about the products as well as value-adding professional content with strong relevance.
  • Convenient and focused product search and comparison, a range of delivery options and payment methods (including PayPal), plus shopping cart and wish list management.


The Solution

The architecture developed by Ewave for the project originated in a unified single system concept. Under this concept, the websites and the apps can be managed by a centralized and unified system without interfering with the individual management of each website in line with the decisions of the organization it represents and subject to an authorization system governed by the administrator. The solution ensured uniformity of all processes, which in turn, allows for efficient system maintenance.

Ewave’s characterization and development processes focused on website responsiveness, efficient catalogue management and designing interfaces for the operational systems of the retail chains, loyalty clubs and credit clearing companies.

The system was developed in PHP environment using Magento content management and e-commerce platform. Magento was chosen for its efficient Multistore capabilities that facilitate parallel management of different internet shops.

Ewave has also developed a mobile app for Makhsaney Hashmal’s sales people. This app enables the sales personnel to manage the entire sales process digitally, effectively coordinating between sales personnel, warehouse keepers and check out personnel. In this way, the order will be waiting for the consumer shortly after approving the purchase and the consumer can pay for it through the app or at the cash register, which has already been updated with the order’s details.

In order to provide a complete digital customer service solution, Ewave has implemented the BumpYard system for omnichannel customer service.

Concurrently, the Ewave System team provided ongoing, 24/7 professional support to the development teams and the customer.


The Results

The websites of the Group’s retail chains went live one after the other:

The highly-praised websites have significantly improved Electra Group’s online sales as well as the customer service it provides on the web, via mobile and on the social networks.

Major projects commissioned to Ewave by Electra Group over the years:

2015: A responsive website for Makhsaney Chasmal; an omnichannel sales and customer service system (BumpYard)

2016: Responsive websites for Shekem Electric and ACE (ACE is no longer part of the Electra Group)

2017-8: Sales agents’ app for the branches and a range of other systems that will go live in the near future.