Customer Story – Fritz

The freight forwarding and logistics company uses ConnectU app to effectively manage the internal communication and reinforce the connection with its mobile workers


The Challenge

Fritz Companies is one of the largest supply chain companies in the international freight forwarding sector of Israel. Founded over 25 years ago, Fritz has strategic partnership with global shipping giant FedEx and offers its customers international forwarding service, solutions for special projects, storage and inventory management services, value added services, and insurance.

Fritz employs some 700 people in Israel in five branches and in four logistic centers across Israel with total area of 40,000 square meters. It is organized in a highly-distributed structure, with most of its employees deployed on the field (drivers, warehouse keepers, and the like). As a result, Fritz has faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating with its employees and in fostering their sense of belonging to the Fritz brand.

To provide a comprehensive response to the internal communication with all of its employees, Fritz opted for Ewave’s ConnectU app, which allows the organization to send messages to all employees, collect and share information with them, personalize the content to each employee, conduct segmented polls, streamline the general organizational work and most importantly, ensure all employees receive the entire information in a timely fashion.


The Solution

The system implementation has been easy and swift. The ConnectU app was linked to Fritz’s HR system and is updated daily with employee details. MyFritz, the customized app developed by Ewave, was uploaded to Apple App Store and Google Play and employees were asked to download it to their mobile devices and identify themselves to the HR system and Fritz employees. Following a short registration process with initial password sent by SMS, they could use the app and benefit from rich content and push messages they receive from headquarters in real time, wherever they may be.


The Results

The My Fritz app, which Ewave developed on the basis of its ConnectU system, was highly praised by the company’s management and just as importantly, by the employees. It is used intensively because it enables high-quality, efficient communication with all employees, and in particular with the field workers.

Since the successful implementation of MyFritz, Ewave has added to it an organizational directory, which allows searching for specific employees, a Click to Call capability and e-mail functionality. Fritz is interested in expanding the use and the functionality of the system even further, so discussions are underway with Ewave on developing a personal employee record and additional services for the app.

Yoni Massoth, Manager of Logistics Information Systems and Digital Applications at Fritz, commented, “The MyFritz app was launched in May 2017 to all of our workers. Since then, it has practically replaced all other forms of written and e-mail communication with advanced, digital communication. In addition to great user experience, it facilitates online daily contact with all employees. The app has been warmly embraced by the employees and the management. We are now in the process of enhancing it further with additional relevant features. Ewave has been a great partner, dedicating their time, energy and experience for the creation of a highly customized and relevant work tool for the digital age.”