Customer Story: Maccabi Health Services

At the beginning of this millennium, Maccabi Health Services and Ewave outlined and fulfilled the vision of online medicine in Israel while improving the service to patients


The Challenge

Maccabi Health Services is Israel’s second-largest Health Management Organization (HMO). Providing medical services for over 70 years to some 2 million insured members in Israel, it employs 7,700 people (approx. half of whom are physicians) in 150 locations across Israel.

In 2001, less than two years from the founding of Ewave, Maccabi Health Services has chosen it to execute several web-based projects. The successful collaboration continues to this day and is one of the most productive collaborations between an enterprise and a technological vendor in Israel.

It is through this collaboration that Maccabi Health Services makes new services available to the patients, the medical staffs and additional stakeholders, offering advanced omnichannel digital solutions. Working closely with Maccabi’s professionals, Ewave has established the Maccabi Online platforms, a rich collection of modules that supply online healthcare services to the patients. Ewave has augmented this offering further with dozens of systems, applications and supporting websites to the health professionals, employees, suppliers, insured members and the public at large.


The Solution

Maccabi Online, the HMO’s flagship web-based system, provides the patients insured at Maccabi with convenient and safe access to their personal medical records and a range of administrative services. It is based on .NET technology and is considered as one of the most advanced self-service systems in the healthcare sector and in general. Maccabi Online offers the 2 million patients of Maccabi a portfolio of dozens of different services, whose number continues to grow. Some of these services include:

  • Medical services.
  • Lab test results.
  • Ultrasonic and X-ray scan results.
  • Medication lists.
  • Administrative services.
  • Documentation of physician visit.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Online appointment scheduling.
  • Personal information updating.
  • Tools for better life style.
  • List of cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) test.
  • Accessibility solutions.

Concurrently, Ewave has developed many additional informational and knowledge systems for Maccabi Health Services based on a range of technologies (SharePoint, .NET, Java and PHP), including the following:

  • Mobile self-service app for patients, tablet app for physicians, and more.
  • Maccabi Pharm: purchase of prescription drugs through the system.
  • Maccabi-Li: self-service kiosks at Maccabi clinics.
  • The physicians’ portal, internal organizational portal.
  • Maccabi Yeda: medical information management.
  • Disease management system.
  • Physician website generator.
  • Forms system.
  • The Alfon system.
  • Service directory.


The Results

The Maccabi Online website has been serving the HMO’s patients for many years, boasting monthly traffic of 1.5 million unique users. The website, as well as all of Maccabi’s information systems are upgraded and expanded regularly in order to ensure the HMO is in the forefront of technology and continues to provide excellent customer service.

Ewave also provides comprehensive outsourcing services to Maccabi Health Services, with 20 of Ewave employees deployed on Maccabi’s premises, handling the development and maintenance of the IT and online systems.

For more information, visit Maccabi Online.

Key Ewave projects for Maccabi Health Services implemented throughout the years:

2001: Infrastructure for integration with legacy systems; online lab results

2002: Online form generator

2003: “Maccabi-Li”; self-service system; touch screen information kiosks in Maccabi clinics

2004: “Orhot Hayim” – online pharmaceutical consulting

2005: Online imaging and scan results; internet-based chronic disease management; complete implementation of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

2006: Telemedicine – an online remote medicine system; physician portal.

2007: MaccabiYeda, internal knowledge portal; ePrescribing system for chronic patients; new patient portal.

2008: Visit scheduling system for community doctors; electronic prescriptions.

2009: Extended Personal Health Records (PHR); online help desk.

2010: Service directory; Alfon – management and delivery of tests to a central laboratory.

2011: Suppliers portal for direct invoicing.

2012: Disease Management Application (DMA); mobile apps; physician websites generator.

2013: Upgrading MaccabiYeda with internal knowledge portal; new physician portal.

2014: The new Maccabi Online website: addition of patient-physician correspondence.

2015: Online registration of newborn babies; omnichannel management system (BumpYard).

2016: ConnectU: intra-organizational communication app (“Maccabi Bishvili”); overhauling Maccabi Health Services websites to comply with Israel's new accessibility law.

2017: New services directory.