Content Management Systems

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– Don’t forget the call for action! Your website is not there just for viewing.

With content management systems (CMS), the organizational digital, marketing and service personnel can manage the online content with no need for in-depth technical knowledge. Whether it is an informational or image websites, a flexible and friendly content management system is crucial for meeting the organization’s business needs.

Ewave has been developing and implementing content management systems for nearly 20 years. We use a range of content management technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint, as well as open-source systems such as Umbraco, Drupal and WordPress. Our extensive experience in this area has even allowed us to develop our proprietary online content management system called eGen CMS.

We customize every CMS we implement to the customer’s business needs and preferences, design it according to the organization’s branding and the functionality it needs to provide while leveraging the capabilities of the chosen platform and the unique software infrastructure Ewave has developed as well as additional extensions required by the customer.


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