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Personalization is key to selling on the web. To boost sales on your website or app, it is vital you know your customers well and serve them suggestions aligned with their needs and preferences.

E-commerce systems and digital shops save buyers time, either in waiting for a sales agent, the time it takes to access a physical store, or manual form completion.

The e-commerce systems developed by Ewave allow the shoppers of Mega Online supermarkets to order a home delivery of groceries; the consumers of Makhsaney Hashmal purchase home appliances online and students of preparatory courses to the university buy online classes at Yoel Geva’s internet shop. Bezeq subscribers can also buy products and order various services online.

Ewave’s experience in developing digital shops for e-commerce and online goods purchasing spans many years. The systems we develop are linked to the enterprise’s operational systems with a unified service layer and support the process that starts with a purchase on the website or the app and usually continues in the internal systems of an organization: customer service, goods picking, deliveries, collection and finance. We develop e-commerce systems on a range of technological platforms that interface with online clearance systems.


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