Mobile Apps

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opting between hybrid and native app development is a decision that should be based on in-depth user analysis, including the app’s ability to create long-term user engagement.

Ewave specializes in developing dedicated cellular apps for all sectors and for every purpose. Whether it is an operational organization app (e.g. managing the inter-organizational communications, mobile workers, projects, and the like) or sales, marketing and service-oriented B2C apps, Ewave is the place to go to!

Ewave provides a range of responsive technological solutions on demand. The development work includes close professional support on the marketing and strategic dimensions. Together with the customer, we characterize the requested app, customize it to the specific business needs and requirements (user experience, offline uses, required level of user interaction, features, etc.) and select the most suitable implementation technology. We take care to recommend the optimal solution to each customer, be it hybrid or Native. Our programmers are versed in HTML5 development and on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and IBM Worklight platforms.

The list that follows enumerates only part of Ewave customers for which we have developed mobile apps, most of them in Israel: El-Al Israel Airlines, Hachshara Insurance, Osem, Pelephone, Club365, the health Ministry, Maccabi Health Services, Hamashbir, New Pharm, Israel Electric Corporation, Mey Eden, Clalit Health Services, MSD, Maccabi Tel Aviv, CAL Auto, Ortam-Sahar, Bezeq Online, the Foreign Ministry, Gulliver, Jerusalem Bank, First International Bank, Gedera Seeds, Home Skinovations, Supergas, Shichor and many more.


Location Based Applications (Beacons)

Ewave has gained unique experience in the field of indoor navigation systems with an emphasis on beacons in the retail industry. The purpose of these applications is to provide customers with attractive offers tailored to their needs from the moment they enter the branch, thus maximizing the potential of the customers' stay in the branch for the retail chain.

All the end-customers need to do is download the relevant application to their mobile phone and register. From this moment on, with common mobile phone components such as GPS or Bluetooth, they get push notifications (e.g. "Welcome to our branch!") as soon as they enter a specific branch of the retail chain. Then the customers are identified by beacons located throughout the branch the moment they reach a specific area of ​​the store, a particular department, or even a shelf. For example, if the customer is 10 meters away from the men's clothing department, and the organization wants to promote the sale of a specific jacket, it can send the customer a push notification through the app (e.g. "A special coupon for this jacket is waiting for you!". The coupon will contain an attractive and timely discount on the jacket, and the customer will be able to redeem it on the spot.


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