User Experience (UX) Design

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Images have crucial impact on the website’s visibility. Investing in images is not a recommendation; it is a must!

The digital world evolves continually. New technologies, devices and environments change the way we consume information and use information systems, websites and apps.

Ewave Concept is a specialized division we have established to focus on all layers of the digital world. It provides a one-stop shop where our customers can find solutions for realizing their digital strategy. After conducting an in-depth research of the customer’s content world, we add the extensive experience gained in other content worlds and amalgamate the two into a winning strategy. The collaboration helps our customers harness digital media to better achieve their business goals with a practical action plan. We characterize an interface for each technology or environment based on the organization’s precise needs and package it with graphics aligned with the organization’s visual identity and branding. We do all this while ensuring convenient use of the system and implementation of the most suitable technologies. Ewave Concept works closely with the development divisions to ensure the implementation closely follows the characterization of the project. We continue to fine-tune the solution even after the project is completed with ongoing support, upgrades and optimal graphic maintenance.

Ewave Concept

Ewave employs strategic consultants, user interface experts and experienced graphic designers. It has particularly rich experience in the planning, characterization and design of operational systems, websites and mobile apps. Ewave Concept’s user experience (UX) experts and strategic consultants provide input throughout the project’s life cycle, from needs analysis through development to quality assurance of functionality and usability. Some of our services in these areas include:

  • Consulting on the digital strategy to be adopted by the customer.
  • Analyzing the organization’s goals and business needs.
  • Characterization of the customers’ needs and action patterns.
  • Analysis of competitive activity and drafting of actionable recommendations;
  • Characterization and design of the user interface.
  • Preparing the schematic outline of the screens of the system, the website or the app.
  • Planning the graphic concept.
  • Unifying the interfaces to achieve a unified branding and visual language in all the channels used by the organization.
  • Complete design and execution.
  • Full responsiveness including mobile devices, different resolutions and accessibility requirements.


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