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With the increase in the number of mobile workers, the organizational portal should be available to employees not only on their workstation screen but also on mobile devices so that all employees remain connected to the enterprise and are able to access customized content.

Almost every organization needs a portal today. Enterprise portals improve inter-organizational communication and facilitate the interaction between the company's functions. It serves as a platform for sharing, and offers users various functionalities and access to organizational information anywhere and anytime.

By amassing the large amounts of knowledge every organization accumulates, a portal constitutes a technological solution and information hub that lets organizations of any size streamline daily work and sharing through efficient information movement across the organization and a friendly, one-size-fits-all user interface.

Enterprise portals come in a range of configurations, including welfare, HR, knowhow management, tech support, and more. In some cases, the organizational portal consists of multiple sections for all of the functions listed above.


Our Portal Solution

Knowledge & HR Portal is a new Ewave product built with .NET technology. We offer it to customers on two common platforms: Microsoft SharePoint and Umbraco, which is an open source website management infrastructure. There is also a complementary mobile version that supports both iOS and Android.

Ewave's product offers multiple components and modules, ready-made templates, strong flexibility and unlimited scalability as well as integration with external and internal systems. It requires only minimal adjustments on the design and functional levels.

Knowledge & HR Portal features the following:

  • Advanced content management with full support for Microsoft Word. The content is edited on a single page which features all of the page's characteristics and allows the editor to modify them on the fly. Content editors can easily revise any part of the website with a rich content editor.
  • Media embedding is easy and friendly thanks to a drag & drop interface which is also mobile-responsive.
  • User and authorization management is done with a convenient, simple interface.
  • Members can be managed according to various categories with different authorizations and characteristics assigned to each.
  • Advanced search capabilities that can be expanded further with external extensions.
  • Complete control of information and design.
  • Two-way integration with 3rd party systems.
  • Optional embedding of a range of new external extensions.
  • Multi-language support with built-in dictionaries.
  • Built-in cache.
  • Events support for intervening whenever data has been modified on the system.
  • Workflow support.
  • Very strong information security.
  • Native iOS and Android versions.


Why Ewave?

Ewave is extremely experienced in building enterprise portals and knowledge management systems, including for some of Israel's largest entities, such as Maccabi Health Services, Strauss, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Land Authority, Israel Securities Authority, NICE and dozens more. The development of enterprise portals is carried out on Ewave platforms using first-rate products such as Microsoft SharePoint or Oracle Portal. It is on the basis of this in-depth expertise that Ewave decided to develop its original portal for managing enterprise knowledge and HR. and to top it all, Ewave complements the portal it develops with ConnectU, a native application for Android and iOS.


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