Wendi Connect: Inter-organizational Communication

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In most organizations, employees look up to the management for guidance. Internal communication is vital for promoting transparency, knowledge sharing and worker engagement.

Organizations of all sizes and types grapple with the challenge of creating stronger bond and engagement between employees and their workplace. The task is even more challenging when employees are not quite sure what the organization’s purpose is, have no way of getting to know their colleagues and lack the means for consuming and sharing relevant organizational information.

Many organizations resort to traditional ways of employee communication such as billboards, ads in the corporate cafeteria, mass e-mails, newsletters, team meetings and more. But an important platform, and one on which employees usually rely for all of daily information, often goes unnoticed: the smartphones and other mobile devices employees carry with them wherever they go!

The importance of mobile devices as the most effective way of reaching out to all employees in a friendly and easy manner has never been greater, in particular since not all employees are in front of a PC at all times. On top of meetings and other job assignments outside the office, many organizations employ mobile workers as technicians, cashiers, drivers, couriers, inspectors, warehouse workers and more.

So how can an organization communicate with its workers easily, quickly, anytime and anywhere?

Wendi Connect, Ewave’s new app, provides a turnkey solution for inter-organizational communication with all of your employees. You can use it to send messages to the entire work force or specific groups, collect and share information, personalize and customize content, conduct segmented polls, streamline the organization’s work in general and just as importantly, be assured that all employees have received all the information in a timely manner.

Wendi Connect functionalities include:

  • Sending out pre-scheduled messages including real-time addition and management of new content.
  • Polls and surveys to collect information from employees.
  • Manage the employee directory and “Click to Call”.
  • Employee category management.
  • Personalize content based on organizational group affiliation.
  • Manage content pages, including images, video and more.
  • Create and schedule push messages.
  • Mark important days with automated push messages on employees’ birthdays, personal and work anniversaries, and more.

Wendi Connect installs quickly and easily. The system, which can be integrated with other internal systems of the organization, can be configured with personalization settings according to employee profile. The employees download the app (available in iOS and Android versions) to their smartphones and register with a unique code. Once the app has been downloaded to the worker’s device, the organization has an open communication channel with the employee and communication becomes readily available and simple. The app’s well-designed main page shows relevant categories and content to choose from, such as messages, news, welfare topics, surveys (“What is your preferred holiday gift?”), professional articles, feedback on professional events, clips and trainings.


Why Ewave?

Over the years, Ewave has built hundreds of websites and mobile apps, many of them involving intricate integration work and a range of interfaces, providing customers with strong business value. With Wendi Connect app too, Ewave elaborates the off-the-shelf product according to the customer’s requirements. It makes the necessary adjustments and work processes automation according to the organization’s needs in order to maximize the system’s capabilities and help the organization achieve competitive edge and business goals.


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