Ewave System: IT & Infrastructure

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We established Ewave System to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for their IT and infrastructure needs. The breadth of solutions offered by Ewave System covers all aspects of infrastructures and information security, from consulting services to infrastructure setup and operation of organizational systems hosted on one of Ewave sites, to implementation of the most advanced products that let our customers significantly enhance the infrastructures underlying their operational and information security systems. All this is possible thanks to the exceptional deep experience of the Unit’s employees, augmented by collaborations with leading vendors and resellers in Israel abroad.

The services offered by Ewave System include:

  • Hosting and cloud services with Israel’s leading suppliers such as Triple C, Bezeq International and Netvision.
  • System services for a range of Microsoft systems, including in-depth expertise in SharePoint, storage and communication.
  • Consulting on information security, system, communication, architecture and more
  • Load testing.
  • Vulnerability and robustness testing.
  • Database administration (DBA).

Some of the products implemented by Ewave System:

  • Hardware and licensing with servers from all major vendors with an emphasis on Microsoft product licensing, Fortinet products as well as Getter’s front office stations, displays and peripherals.
  • IlluminIT, a VNT product for automated modeling of business processes.
  • ODI’s ODIX family of file sanitation products.
  • BackBox, Safeway’s configuration backup and recovery product for communication and information protection appliances.
  • CAT, a One-Time-Password (OPT) product for cellular device authentication.
  • G-Patrol: power management and saving on end workstations.
  • Cyber Spear, a cross-organization solution that detects sophisticated focused cyber-attacks.
  • WCK – an enterprise-wide product that manages information security risks.
  • Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) & Zero-Day protection including against vulnerability exploits.


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