Medical Solutions

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Correct implementation of remote healthcare services (tele-medicine) allows organizations to cut costs, boost efficiency and revenues, provide patients with better access to medical services and promote health and satisfaction.

Ewave is a service provider and system integrator that has been furnishing secure solutions to healthcare organizations since 2000. Ewave specializes in implementing proprietary web and mobile-based products and comprehensive project-based deliveries that provide local populations with a broad range of medical services:

  • Remote virtual consultation and diagnostics (telemedicine) platform.
  • Electronic Health Record and Personal Health Record suites.
  • Self-service software infrastructures.
  • Disease management applications.
  • Quality measurement applications.
  • e-Scheduling applications.
  • e-Prescribing applications.
  • Knowledge management portals.
  • Service stations (kiosks).
  • A wide range of IoT, cellular, barcode and RFID-based solutions.
  • A variety of other applications for the ongoing management of clinics and hospitals (lab results, real-time reminders, service guides, and much more).

Ewave's eHealth solutions are deployed in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, serving over 30 million patients and over 25,000 physicians. Our customer base is comprised of various players in the healthcare industry such as HMOs, not-for-profit organizations and health insurance companies, all receiving immense value from our offering.

Our team is committed to serving its customers’ needs through technology, product innovation and the delivery of an uncompromised level of service. With such a history of delivering interoperability within the healthcare industry, the team is always seeking the next challenge to overcome. With employees across the world, Ewave can take advantage of its global domain knowledge to keep its products on the front edge of technology.