Our Methodology

Ewave uses a proven methodology to ensure optimal project management within budget and timetable. The methodology sets out the milestones of the implementation process, the parties responsible for delivering the various stages, the execution processes, and most importantly, the controls used to ensure the quality of each and every phase.

Our methodology emphasizes strong project management expertise, agile software development and well-designed UX. It was built on the rich experience accumulated at Ewave and backed by ISO standards that apply to the development, marketing, installation and support processes of information and communication systems, as well as by the company's management and control processes. Our quality assurance system ensures all projects are executed smoothly, quickly and precisely in line with customer's requirements and to their utmost satisfaction. We follow a secured software development procedure that complies with Open Web Application Software Project (OAWSP) standards and guaranties an especially high level of information security.

Ewave adapts the methodology to the specific requirements of each project (for example timetable, budget and nature of the system). We use Waterfall or agile software development models such as Scrum, which are characterized by short development cycles, emphasis on team accountability and top efficiency. As part of implementing these models, Ewave adopted DevOps, highlighting the collaboration between developers, QA testers and IT in order to automate the delivery processes and to make fast infrastructure changes.

We also use a structured methodology for characterizing the User Centered Design and create a system that responds optimally to the user while holistically meeting the customer's business needs with an intuitive and friendly user interface. This methodology helps us focus on the value the business derives from the system, on the functional congruity between the needs or the enterprise, its users and the technology, and on designing a friendly user interface for the different audiences served by the system. A wholesome user experience is achieved through unified and unique visual language and clear distinction between the different content types and functional areas of the system.


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