With first-rate experts who keep abreast all technological innovations and developments, Ewave's outsourcing division provides software services to some of the largest corporations in Israel.

Being part of Ewave's software division, and the ongoing connection with our outsourced employees, allows Ewave outsourced employees to benefit from both worlds: challenging work with a range of customers while belonging to a technological leader that emphasizes employee development and wellbeing and provides ongoing professional support. This results in long-term mutual loyalty of our outsourced employees to Ewave and to our customers.

Our pool of IT experts is at the disposal of our customers for a range of needs and roles. Ewave's outsourcing division provides technological consulting services at the scope and managerial levels customized to their needs.

The benefits of Ewave's outsourcing services include:

  • A broad range of professional and experienced technological experts: system analysts, project managers, software developers in a range of environments, software testers, infrastructure experts, DBAs, software implementers, content editors and more.
  • Superior professional recruitment and screening by a technologically-skilled team versed in customer requirements.
  • Flexible deployment of professionals with speedy personnel boosting when necessary.
  • Professional and personal support of our outsourced employees, including their continued training and professional enrichment after being assigned to a customer.
  • On-duty professionals available 24/7 for any question or issue.

Our experts relocate to the customer site and become part of the customer's team until the technology had been fully implemented. Ewave and its outsourced employees assume full responsibility to implementing the technology in the customer organization. Many of our outsourced employees have been providing advanced IT services to our customers for many years and to their utmost satisfaction.


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