Self-service Systems

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Before getting down to build a self-service system, carry out a system analysis that covers the proposed services, the right technology, the development time table and most importantly, the customers’ specific requirements.

Self-service systems help consumers save time by eliminating the need to wait for a service agent, visit a physical store or obtain information via outdated communication channels such as telephone, fax or post.

The self-service systems developed by Ewave allow the patients of Maccabi Health Services to schedule medical appointment, view their test results and to benefit from many more services; the customers of Bituach Yashir can modify their insurance policies independently whereas customers of Kishrey Teufa can conveniently order their next vacation from a PC or cellular device.

Building self-service systems requires knowhow, experience and proficiency in developing and integrating computerized systems. Ewave has amassed all these throughout the years in hundreds of successful, large-scale technological projects in multiple industry sectors.

Ewave’s infrastructures for self-service systems include advanced capabilities that connect them to the organization’s operational systems. They can display information to the end user or the system administrator in a range of formats, manage the users, customers, authorizations and more. They surface the relevant information, bring the current systems up to date with newly-fed data on the website or the app and provide information on demand anywhere and anytime.


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