We regard technology as the means, not the end. We take care to remain well informed on technological advancements in order to improve our performance, cut costs and provide even better solutions to our customers. We carefully distinguish between tech fads, which we discard, and technological developments that would help us get better. The combination of technological independence and experience in diversified technologies and products helps us tailor the best solutions for our customers.

For nearly two decades, Ewave has been gaining expertise and remarkable experience in building web, and then mobile systems with a range of technologies. Our key strength is developing web systems with .NET, Java and PHP technologies, and mobile with HTML5 or native apps for iOS and Android. At the same time, partnering with the world's leading software vendors ensures our skillful implementation of their products with local and international customers.



Ewave is Israel's leading SharePoint developer, both in terms of the number and quality of the developers and in terms of projects' scope and complexity.

Our SharePoint customers include dozens of public companies and enterprises (the Israeli Health, Finance and Agriculture Ministries, the Employment Service, Bank of Israel, Israel Military Industries, Mifal HaPais, Israel Post, Israel Defense Forces, Refael, Israel Securities Authority and many more) as well as private sector organizations (the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center, Excellence, Migdal, Mizrahi Bank, Jerusalem Bank, Keter, Elbit, the Ruppin College and many more. We have extensive operations in all of SharePoint's versions (2007, 2010 and 2013) as well as in the platform's cloud version (SharePoint Online / 365).

Over the many years in which we have been executing SharePoint projects, we have developed a range of generic SharePoint solutions for knowledge management, enterprise search and banner management. Another highlight of our development initiatives is a tool kit which scales and enhances SharePoint's content management capabilities with Web Parts, software infrastructures and applications for systems running in SharePoint environment and can be quickly adapted to customer needs with an emphasis on very high availability, use of clean HTML and optimal mobile and SEO compatibility.


Umbraco is an open source, .NET content management system. Ewave is an expert in developing CMS and CRM solutions on Umbraco. Our programmers have been certified under Umbraco's partner program.

Umbraco is an extremely flexible system suitable for building e-commerce, content and self-service websites as well as portals, galleries, catalogues and more. It is considered as a highly secured system and boasts a record of over 250,000 sites developed on its platform, including those of major organizations such as Warner Bros., Vogue, SanDisk and Heinz.

Some of Umbraco's features include:

  • Advanced web content management, with a range of possibilities and full support for MS-Word.
  • Simplified media embedding, including a Drag & Drop interface for enriching your website with photos, clips and documents, edit them and automatically generate mobile-responsive versions.
  • User and group management with a convenient interface, including assigning different settings and credentials for each user.
  • Advanced search capabilities, including Lucene search that can be expanded with an external extension.
  • Complete information control including data hierarchy, unlimited addition of content types (columns, lists) and simple configuration of each.
  • Complete design control: with infrastructure focused on content management, the website design is left to the UX people, with complete freedom to use CSS, JavaScript and HTML.
  • Complete programming freedom: Umbraco provides programmers with complete control of the code generated by each page component.
  • Integration: two-way interfacing with 3rd party systems, including a SharePoint add-in that lets you connect to lists and document libraries, as well as to add a range of new external extensions.
  • Additional benefits include full support in multiple languages, events, Workflow and SEO processes and a large developers' community.


Ewave specializes in executing projects using the Magento e-commerce platform. This flexible, open source, PHP-based platform enables the setup of e-commerce websites in a range of languages and currencies. It supports all business processes required for advanced, professional sales management on the internet. The system boasts strong UX design capabilities with a broad selection of templates. It is managed with an intuitive and friendly interface and requires no programming knowledge from the users.


Efficient location of enterprise information is becoming ever more complex with the years due to multiplicity of users (front-end and back-end alike), system heterogeneity (different technologies, periods and vendors) and numerous logs with different formats and structures. Complexity is aggravated further by the lack of real-time monitoring of key information.

Ewave responds to the challenge with Elasticsearch, a JSON-based advanced search and analytics engine that allows users manage and search for information from a range of Big Data sources. This is an open source product accessible through a comprehensive and detailed API. It features robust morphological capabilities, offers real-time indexation and allows fast searches in a range of dictionaries classified by information types (structured, unstructured, geographic, metric and more), in various information sources and databases and in the social networks.


Ewave is an expert on Apple's Swift programming language, which is used for Apple platforms and others, such as Linux. Swift's benefits include fast development, modern design, effective handling of common programming mistakes, expanded archive support and a lively open source community.


React Native

Facebook's React Native platform allows us to develop mobile apps using JavaScript only. React Native’s benefits included extremely fast development, rich user interface built with mobile devices in mind and seamless integration with Java, Objective-C or Swift components. With React Native, it is also possible to develop only part of the app and do the rest in native code, in the same way the Facebook app is built.


Our PHP department specializes in developing Drupal-based websites, from analysis through development and testing to ongoing maintenance. The projects are executed with Ewave's open source and software infrastructures.

Drupal is an advanced content management system that relies on a dynamic, mature community of hundreds of thousands of members worldwide. This has made it one of the best content management systems in the world, thanks to thousands of components and extensions that allow the website administrators and the users to enrich the usage experience.

Drupal is extremely effective for building a very broad range of websites, social networks, content portals, e-commerce and more. Multiple development companies around the world have come to appreciate Drupal's potential, and many leading websites have been built using Drupal.


Ewave is highly versed in developing websites with WordPress, a very popular and user-friendly platform that lends itself easily for content management. As Open Source platform written in PHP, it offers multiple inherent capabilities that facilitate website management such as quick addition of pages, articles and categories, optional embedding of real time statistics, easy control and revision of website menus, setup different menus by page/category, and more. WordPress boasts a global community of millions of developers and users who continue to expand its functionality with new, ready-made modules.