Wendimu: Organizational Training Management

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While different areas of expertise require different training, some of the training processes are common to all. When training is managed from a central location, the organization can save time and resources in training new workers.

Long-term success of any organization invariably hinges on human resources. With organizations investing a fortune in the life cycle of each employee from screening through recruitment, orientation and training to retention and retirement, it is crucial to plan and manage these processes in the most efficient manner possible.


Our Solution

Wendimu is a unique, dedicated LMS (Learning Management System) platform for managing and implementing all training, certification, instruction and learning activities. Wendimu allows organizations to create a comprehensive, in-depth employee training program to provide knowhow, methods and tools that enhance employees’ skills and proficiencies. Better still, Wendimu enables smart and efficient management of the employee’s development path throughout his/her tenure in the organization, creating a framework for individual development.

The Wendimu platform offers the following applications:

  • New employee orientation and training.
  • Personal employee record.
  • Ongoing learning, refresher courses, and follow-up on expired certifications.
  • Regulatory compliance and professional qualifications.
  • Certification management.
  • Online learning.
  • Employee performance assessment.
  • Management of refresher courses (including associated remuneration).
  • Managing training centers and frontal classes.
  • Management of training resources.
  • Conducting polls and collecting feedback.
  • Report generation.
  • Need assessment, work plans and training budget management.
  • Interfaces with all wage and HR systems.
  • On-the-job training.


Why Ewave?

Ewave has acquired Wendimu to provide customers with the broad experience gained in the world of information management and insights gleaned in previous projects, namely personalized employee portals that serve relevant information. In fact, Wendimu training system complements the organizational portals that Ewave has been developing for years. Combining the product’s capabilities and flexibility with Ewave’s development capabilities and our deep knowledge of customer needs, we now offer a flexible solution that easily integrates with other systems (e.g. Active Directory and wage systems) as well-adjusted interface and high-level functionality that cannot be implemented in competing products.


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